Our Land

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A series to celebrate and interpret intervention, undertaken by individuals and communities, to shift our food and farm economy. These episodes each address a major systemic failure of the old food economy: toxicity, monoculture, monopoly, inequity, exploitation, drought, vulnerability to climate change etc. Each of these characteristics of our current system makes it inadequate to our needs, but our critique counts for nothing if we do not act. Each film introduces us to the people who have identified a point of intervention, and have put their shoulder to the task. It will likely take a generation-long commitment to rebuild a healthy, regional farm economy.
This is OUR LAND, and our future, it’s an opportunity: let’s fight for it.

Our Land

Our Land

Our Landep.3 - Adaptive Seeds

Problem of monoculture (lingua originale)
A loss of diversity in any ecological system is associated with a reduction in resiliency, this is the case in agriculture as well as ecology. We can mourn the lost sturdy landrace cattle and sheep able to withstand high alpine...

Our Landep.2 - Distribution

Industrialization of agriculture (lingua originale)
The industrialization of agriculture has resulted in a staggering loss in the variety of crops raised to feed and clothe our population. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has estimated that between 1900 and...

Our Landep.1 - The Solution to Pollution is Life

Urban farming for food security (lingua originale)
Urban farming is a dynamic opportunity for food security in poor inner city areas, especially since the cost of shipping food from elsewhere increases as oil becomes more expensive. Access to local food is possible by farming on...